When you’ve got some time between flights, The Azure is the perfect place to hunker down for the night. With our relaxation rooms, high-class food, and high-speed Wi-Fi, your long day will melt away. In addition, stay on top of your next flight with our control center featuring all your needed flight information.


Accentuating your stay

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Flight Tracker

All guests have access to a premium flight-tracking system. This system will be available to you directly on your phone. This information includes flight times, delays/cancellations, etc. Our Control Room provides even more in-depth information.

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The Call Button

Let you call us for once! Throughout the week all guests have access to a special signaling button from six-o-clock to ten-o-clock at night. This button will summon a hostess who can retrieve specialty drinks, daily food specials, and premium pillows.

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Supersonic Wi-Fi

All our rooms service high-quality Wi-Fi, included in your stay. Stay on top of all your entertainment, business, and travel needs with reliable and fast internet. Slow zones wont be a problem as connection and speed are steady throughout the hotel.

Skyline Lounge

Located within the hotel is a space to accommodate your long and stressful day. Fitted with massage chairs, comfortable furniture, and a sauna, this is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Open around the clock to fit your schedule.

Control Room

For your convenience, available to you is a premium business center focused around providing you your necessary aviation data. Fitted with digital screens, maps, and weather displays, we provide you all the information you need for your next flight.

Cafe Avion

With specialty coffee drinks and premium café food, Café Avion can help get you re-energized. Housing a beautiful rustic enviornment, experience the feel of luxury. Whatever you may order, you will be in for something special.

Completing Your Stay

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Premier spaces to accommodate your travels

  • The Dreamline

    Blending space and style, this room is ideal for letting your troubles become distant, and your day a little more relaxing.

  • Morceau de Luxe

    Cozy, while maximizing on potential, this room provides a quaint, more modest feel, without sacrificing on character.

  • Azure's Premier

    With abundant floor space, premier furnishings, and the highest class of comfort, you can't do better than Azure's Premier.